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Million euros total sales
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Tons per month production capacity
Our philosophy and, obviously that of the sales team,
is to consider our customers as part of the URANIE family.
We enjoy a leading position with our Thalachrome products:
A 25% market share in the cylinder manufacturing sector in Europe.
Very modern production tools: €40M invested over the past 5 years.
Diversified geographic presence thus offering customers local service.
Uranie’s sales strategy has always been clear. Customers trust us. We are not opportunists and have already constructed our relationships with a view to the long term. This is why we have been working with more than half of our customers for 38 years. Our philosophy and, obviously that of the sales team, is to consider our customers as part of the URANIE family.
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  • 1986 The year Uranie was founded
  • 1989 Construction of the Uranie 1 rectification hall
  • 1989 The quality of the bars produced presents a significant improvement in their mechanical properties and their resistance to corrosion. These qualities enabled Uranie International and its THALACHROME product to become established on the European market in less than 3 years
  • 1989 Acquisition of METAMECA, a subsidiary of USINOR SACILOR in Ferrière la Grande
  • 1993 Set up of Meta Meca srl in Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan), the Italian subsidiary of Uranie International
  • 1996 Construction of the Uranie 2 chrome-plating line and at the same time a straightening and peeling line
  • 1989-1996 The company confirms its desire to export its products internationally with deliveries to faraway destinations: Uranie chrome-plated bars can be found in Japan, Singapore and even Australia
  • 1999 Construction of the Uranie 3 large diameter chrome-plating line and at the same time the induction heat treatment line
  • 2000 Construction of the Uranie 4 chrome-plating line and new storage and offices
  • 2001 15 years after the chrome-plated bar, the THALATUB skived and roller burnished tube takes its first steps at Uranie
  • 2006 The quality of the THALATUB tube is very quickly recognised and the production line is doubled in capacity
  • 2007 To satisfy increasing demand, construction of the Uranie 5 chrome-plating line
  • 2010 The Italian subsidiary changes its name to Uranie srl and changes its strategy to include the European market
  • 2010-2014 Uranie reinforces its presence at the sector’s major world trade fairs with regular participation in Germany, Italy, Turkey, China (TUBE, WIN, EIMA, SIMA, BAUMA, PTC)
  • 2013-2020 Uranie continues to win market share in Brazil, in Canada, in the United States, in Russia, in Algeria
  • 2019 Uranie is exhibiting for the first time in Japan in an important trade fair
  • 2020 And finally we arrive to have a booth in April at the CONEXPO fair in Las Vegas/USA.
  • 2021 Uranie is selling for the first time in Albania, Algeria, Qatar and Thailand.
  • 2022 After the long break, Uranie is finally back on a trade fair. The TUBE in Duesseldorf was a great occasion to see so many friends and acquaintances.
  • 2023 Start of the construction of the new building Uranie 6 and first partecipation at the Agritechnika Trade Fair in Hannover.