Our business

Alain LIENARD founded URANIE International in 1986. The objective was to offer a top quality chrome-plated bar for the manufacture of hydraulic actuator.
In the first month,
production was
25 tons
per month
we produce
5000 tons
per month
An actuator is composed of a cylinder inside of which is a piston which separates the volume of the cylinder into two hermetic and isolated chambers. The introduction of a fluid under pressure into one of the chambers enables the displacement of the piston which transmits its movement to a rigid rod coming out of the cylinder. The chambers are fitted with seals to prevent leaks.

A hydraulic actuator transforms hydraulic energy (a flow or pressure) into mechanical energy. It differs from a pneumatic actuator which is operated using compressed air. The fluid used is mainly oil under pressure, up to 350 bars. The hydraulic actuator is the most widely used actuator, even though it is more expensive, because it generates high pushing power and its speed can be adjusted more precisely.
Fields of application
public works machines, agricultural machines, handling, transport, etc