Environment & Safety

Chrome-plated bars are produced in a totally closed circuit, which is rare. It means that there is zero discharge - into the ground or water. URANIE complies with the most stringent European regulations with atmospheric discharge values twice as low as the limit threshold. The quantity of liquid waste is divided by 10 by means of two evaporators, thus reducing hazardous waste transportation.

Some waste is recycled:
paper and cardboard boxes are compacted into 1 cu.m. balls (sold for recycling)
sludge is dried and conditioned in the form of briquets (sold to steel plants)
At Uranie International, every effort is made to ensure the safety of our employees, irrespective of their tasks, and to protect their health in the company environment. To reduce musculoskeletal disorders, appropriate lifting equipment has been put in place for all posts to limit handling-related strain. Uranie International applies the most stringent European standards on its production site (Occupational Exposure Limit).
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