100% reliable raw materials

The surface quality before chroming guarantees the quality of a chromed bar. That’s the reason why at Uranie International, the operations to prepare the polished and ground bars before plating give the answer to a perfect performance.


Purchased with a stock allowance rolled bars are peeled to remove the steel defects on the surface and to improve the geometry of the bars.


Straightening is performed twice, before and after the peeling pass to guarantee perfect straightness.

Heat treatment induction hardening (optional)

The surface hardness is improved with an excellent control of the hardness depth around the bar and of the hardness gradient, thanks to a fully automatic heat treatment machine , taking into account the different parameters like the steel grade, the diameter and the customer’s technical specifications.

Grinding and polishing

Centerless grinding on two in line machines allows us to reach the perfect dimensional precision and surface finish.

All these steps allow Uranie International to produce a high and consistent chrome plated bar on which customers can trust.